How do I set up Marvel Vs Capcom 2? New to Naomi

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How do I set up Marvel Vs Capcom 2? New to Naomi

Post by OldFoo » Tue Dec 11, 2012 11:22 pm

Ok so I am new to Naomi. I have an X-men Vs Street Fighter Cabinet (dedicated capcom cps2) and I am changing it over to Marvel Vs Capcom 2. I have the following

Naomi Mother Board

Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Cartridge

Naomi Power Supply

I know I still need a Capcom converter

I have a Sega converter but i dont think that will work

What I am having trouble figuring out is what to do with the Naomi power supply. Here are my questions

1) Do I still use the original power supply that was in the cabinet? I notice that the Marquee lamp is connected into it

a )If I do how do I incorporate it in with the Naomi stuff?

b) I don't, how do i connect the marquee lamp to everything else?

2) How/where do I connect the Naomi power supply?

As of now i think that is all im confused about


Post by OldFoo » Sun Dec 16, 2012 3:27 pm

You won't need that naomi power supply unless your using a GD Rom drive as well. If its just for MvC2 then the power supply in your cab is all you need. Keep everything wired just as it is. There is no need to change anything with regards to the marquee lamp. Everything is wired through your jamma harness. Find a Capcom I/O with all the wiring that will connect it to the naomi motherboard. With the Capcom I/O you're able to use your cabs power supply because it converts to the correct voltage required for the naomi. The sega I/O will not. Once the I/O is hooked up to the Naomi, just connect your cabs jamma harness to the I/O and you're in business. If you try HK Legend, I believe they sell the Capcom I/O with wiring for $70 or $80. Hope that helps.

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