New Sega Hardware Platform: Nu

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New Sega Hardware Platform: Nu

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Last Monday 2-09-2013, at a special ?private event? in Japan, Sega has unveiled the newest arcade board that they are calling ?Nu?.

It will power their upcoming Project DIVA Arcade Future Tone game.

The RingEdge 2 was quietly unveiled 6 months ago and has primarily been used for their ALL.NET Pras-Multi network in Japan.

Some big games like Guilty Gear Xrd are going to be using it, and I believe that the new Transformers game will be but that is unconfirmed for now.

This is also a PC-based unit running on Windows 8 Embedded.

It uses an Intel Core i3-3220 processor, 4GB DDR3 PC-12600 RAM, an nVidia GTX650 Ti graphics card with 1GB of Video RAM, a 64GB SSD for boot and a standard SATA 500GB hd for storage.


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